Video: Reggie Smith (S)

Video: Reggie Smith (S)

If you like a football prospect that does it all on both sides of the ball and in special teams then you need to check out the video of <B>Reggie Smith</B> from Edmond, Oklahoma. We have 10 minutes of video to show you of this terrific athlete.

One of the top prospects from the Big 12 region is all everything Reggie Smith from Edmond (Ok.) Sante Fe High School. As a junior he rushed for 963 yards and 491 receiving yards and totaled 20 touchdowns. Defensively he registered 73 tackles and 9 interceptions (22 picks for his career).

Smith, 6-1 and 192 pounds, does it all on both sides of the ball. He is an elusive runner with tremendous quickness and big play capability anywhere on the field. Smith is also an excellent receiver with good hands. But he will likely play permanently on the defensive side of the ball. Because of his speed he has great range from his safety position. Smith supports the run well but is at his best in pass coverage. He covers a ton of ground and plays the free safety position like a seasoned centerfielder. Smith is great in the air and always comes up with the big play and lots of interceptions.

I have a ton of great video footage to show you that is listed below. It's over 10 minutes worth of great highlights from Reggie Smith playing running back, wide receiver, quarterback, safety and returning kicks.

Video 1 - #3 Reggie Smith (RB/WR/DB)

Video 2 - #3 Reggie Smith (RB/WR/DB)

Video 3 - #3 Reggie Smith (RB/WR/DB)

Video 4 - #3 Reggie Smith (RB/WR/DB)

Video 5 - #3 Reggie Smith (RB/WR/DB)

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