Video: Malcolm Kelly (WR)

Video: Malcolm Kelly (WR)

<B>Malcolm Kelly</B> is one of the top wide receiver prospects in the country. Kelly, 6-3.5 and 190 pounds, is from Longview, Texas. Check out his video highlights.

One of the most highly regarded prospects from the Lone Star State is wide receiver Malcolm Kelly from Longview (Texas) High School. Kelly, 6-3.5 and 190 pounds, caught 26 passes for 826 yards last season.

Kelly has great size and good hands. At this level, he poses a huge match up problem for opposing defenses because of his size and good speed. Kelly is a dual threat because he can dominate the short passing game and also beat you deep. Kelly also excels blocking downfield, which is a huge plus for any wide receiver prospect.

"Malcolm Kelly is a legitimate 6-3.5, 190-pound wideout who has enough speed and height and to get the 5-yard hitch all day," 12 recruiting analyst Stacey Dean said. "The Longview pass-catcher towers over would-be corners and safeties, posing match-up difficulties for opposing defensive coordinators."

I had two game films to pull highlights of Kelly and he played against some quality competition in Tyler Lee and Lufkin. You will see a handful of receptions, some touchdowns as well as Kelly blocking downfield.

Video 1 - #4 Malcolm Kelly (WR)

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