Brown is a Beast

Brown is a Beast

When is comes to linebackers among the Class of 2005 one of the names you will be hearing a lot between now and Signing Day is <B>Luthur Brown</B> from Lakewood, California. Check out these <I>five </I>minutes worth of highlights on one of the top defensive prospects in the nation. This kid is a beast on the football field.

Hands down one of the top prospects from the West Coast and in the country is linebacker Luthur Brown from Lakewood, California. Brown, 6-2 and 227 pounds, is a beast from his middle linebacker position.
Brown isn't the biggest ‘backer or the fastest ‘backer but this prospect makes plays all over the field. He can rush the passer, chase you down or play the pass. Brown is physical, relentless and nasty. He has a high motor, fights off blocks well, moves laterally and down hill. The bottom line with Luthur Brown is he's a defensive playmaker. The kid is all over the field making plays. And he plays with intensity and passion.

Check out these five minutes of video clips of Brown and see for yourself.

Video 1 - #52 Luthur Brown (LB)

Video 2 - #52 Luthur Brown (LB)

Video 3 - #52 Luthur Brown (LB)

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